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Sallie Campbell


My name is Sallie Campbell and I am currently the Secretary for the Justice League of Greater Lansing Michigan. It is an honor and pleasure to serve this organization.

I am a married person (48 years) with 4 children of our own, and a few others we choose to claim. We have 5 grandchildren that we enjoy tremendously. Two of them live in the area, so we get to spend considerable time with them. The other three are all on the east coast, so it’s fun to go visit them as much as we can.

We moved to Lansing from the Detroit area in 1977. At that time, I ran a daycare in our home and worked part-time outside the home. I worked as a special education paraprofessional for about 8 years, while also working part-time in youth ministry. I was raised in the Episcopal Church but decided to join the Presbyterian Church after I married my husband, who had been raised in the Presbyterian tradition. I felt called to attend seminary at Western Theological Seminary in Holland, MI, and graduated in 2000. I continued to work in youth ministry, but also went to work for Lutheran Social Services in the Unaccompanied Minor foster care program. I was there for 10 years, then went back to work in the church at Lansing First Presbyterian. I served there in youth and family ministry and community outreach. I retired from there in June 2021. In October 2022 I accepted an Interim Executive Director position at Loaves and Fishes
Ministries. This has been a great experience of growth and learning for me. I am enjoying being there and learning more about how to help unsheltered people find peace and compassion while helping them move their lives forward.

I was raised in a household that believed that all people are created equally and in the image of God. As I grew up and learned more about the fact that people are not treated equally, I have become more and more committed to do my part to change that fact in any way I am able. That’s why I’m working with the Justice League; to make amends for the past, and establish new ways for the future. I look forward to what that is going to look like.

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