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Sarah Allen

Sarah Allen

Board of Directors

Sarah E. Allen is a mom, wife, artist, minister, percussionist, and activist. She has a double major in Commercial Design and Studio Art: painting. More recently she gained a Masters in Religion. Sarah is the mom to 16 and 13 year old boys. She’s been married to her college sweetheart for over 23 years.
Sarah calls herself a full-time volunteer because she works everyday but just not for pay. She is involved in school, community, and church committees.

As an ordained minister for her church, Community of Christ, she serves on a three-person pastorate. She also co-directs an art camp with her church where she’s able to teach jr and sr high kids her perspective of art.

Right before Covid arrived she’d gotten back into playing in a community band as a percussionist. She hadn’t played since college so she’s enjoying polishing those skills again.

Sarah’s environmental passions are expressed in her environmental artwork, environmental justice work with Action of Greater Lansing, school environmental committee work, and community work with recycling days, Green Fairs, Green Burial, and redirecting what others throw away to hopefully find a new home or responsibly dispose of items.

Sarah has learned that she sees the world oftentimes with a different lens than others and she tries to bring a helpful perspective to the areas in which she puts her energy.

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