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Dr. Sean L. Holland

Dr. Sean L. Holland

Board of Directors / Advisory Council

Dr. Sean L. Holland is a national keynote speaker, recording artist, and successful entrepreneur. He serves as a chaplain and an appointed Ambassador to the United Nations (U.N.) Economic and Social Council. Dr. Holland is the CEO of I AM Equipped to Excel (IAM e2e), an organization committed to inspiring and equipping tomorrow's leaders. For over 25 years, I AM E2E has helped transform hundreds of leaders through a unique 5-Seed leadership and mentoring model.

​In 2018, Dr. Holland joined Purpose Prep's K-12 SEL content creation and leadership team. He has coordinated with school districts and helped implement creative K-12 SEL strategies. Purpose Prep, now known as IMAGINE Purpose, is a premier K-12 Social and Emotional Learning curriculum committed to bringing evidence-based, media-rich, and relevant curricula into schools worldwide.

​Currently, Dr. Holland serves as the Director for Transformational Leadership with One Love Global, where he works with systems leaders creating new pathways for students. Dr. Holland graduated from Florida A&M University, obtaining a B.A. in Political Science and Public Administration. He holds a M.A. in Leadership Development from Cornerstone University, Grand Rapids, MI. Dr. Holland has been married to Tayana for 26 years, and they reside in Lansing, MI, where they enjoy raising their four children.

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