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Greetings from the Justice League of Greater Lansing Michigan (JLGLM) as we introduce our Introductory Reparations Scholarship. This program is a cornerstone of our efforts to mend the historical injustices stemming from slavery and its lasting impact. By focusing on educational empowerment for descendants of enslaved African Americans in the Greater Lansing area, we are dedicated to fostering a future where racial justice and faith converge to support academic advancement. This scholarship is a testament to our dedication, to offering essential financial assistance to enable access to higher education.

About Our Scholarship

The JLGLM Scholarship is a direct response to historical injustices, designed to support the educational aspirations of African American students. By providing financial aid, we aim to contribute to closing the Racial Wealth Gap and correcting the underrepresentation of African Americans in higher education. This initiative is part of our broader reparations project, reflecting our dedication to fostering a Beloved Community.

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