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Advisory Council Member

Cheryl Smith

Cheryl Smith

I was raised with a quiet strength of God under the tutelage of Josephine and Condor Smith. As college was a requirement in our house, I attended Michigan State University. I graduated in 1984 with a B.A. in English. I embraced life, insights through experiences at MSU.

As divine order or inheritance works, I was employed by the Board of Water and Light in 1986. I was eager to learn the untraditional job, knowing confidently that God had led me to the BWL. I retired from the BWL as a Bulk Power Controller, financially managing resources, after 35 years. I had accomplished making a living, so now it’s time to make a life.

In hopes to use my divine gifts mindfully with intention, I’ve become a member of the Justice League of Greater Lansing Michigan. As a novice to community involvement, I’m looking forward to providing support to the mission and vision of the JLGLM. I hope to successfully mentor recipients of the Endowment Fund to bridge the gap of financial wealth.

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