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Working Committees


  • Budget for Justice League of Greater Lansing Michigan (administrative and Reparations Endowment Fund)

  • Work with Lansing First Presbyterian on line item/s

  • Gather info about investment choices

  • Work with Advisory Council on finances/disbursements 

  • Develop donor list (work with communications) including level of giving

  • Plan fundraising events


  • Establish relationships with churches/ individuals/organizations

    • Develop a database of contacts

    • Develop initial contact letter/packet

    • Send follow- up/ thank-you letter

  • Establish presentation teams

  • Fundraise

  • Research current events/information that relates to the Justice League of Greater Lansing Michigan's vision


  • Review and improve presentations

  • Evaluate web development, including team logo

  • Develop social media platforms

  • Archive press releases, recorded presentations and presentation material


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